DialKeys Gen2 Ultimate Edition

New Release Version of DialKeys Gen 2 (13th October 2008)

This is the latest and most advanced version of DialKeys to date. It takes on-screen virtual keyboards to a whole new level of touch interactivity for mobile devices, with features like: An easy to use GPS location tool, being able to snap pictures directly into your documents using our new ‘Picture Snapper’ tool and many other new features that enhance the user’s experience of a UMPC or touch screen device.

You can try out for free, this advanced version of DialKeys for 21 days, or you can buy a licensed copy from our DialKeys Shop.

Please feel free to let us know what you think of our new version of our on-screen virtual keyboard product. If there is a feature that would be helpful or useful to you in your daily life, and you think DialKeys could help, please do let us know, as we are fully committed to making Touch and Pen devices far more ergonomic and useful to you, in your daily life.

Please check out our virtual keyboard tutorials on how to use DialKeys to get you started. Click here for more information.


If you have problems unlocking DialKeys, please check out the unlocking page, and if this does not fix your problem, please contact our support people at support@2fl-biz.com